As we tiptoe apprehensively through 2021, it’s no wonder some people are nervous about re-entering the job market or switching jobs. Throughout the pandemic, restrictions and mandates continue to change within individual states and even cities, leaving many to worry about job security and safety. Rates of infection continue to ebb and flow around the country, and with it a feeling of general unrest and concern over “getting back to normal.”

At Quantum Services, we consider ourselves very lucky to be thriving during these unprecedented times. Aside from a brief suspension of services for a few weeks alongside the rest of the country back in the early days of the pandemic, our work has barely skipped a beat. And at all times, our auditors’ jobs have been protected.

job security blog with stairs going upJob security you can count on

The convenience store clients we serve nationally, regionally and locally are designated essential. This means they continue to be open for business no matter what and require our auditing services to maintain proper inventory management. We are continuously hiring for new inventory auditors as our clients continue to flourish. Our pay and benefits are competitive, and we offer perks you can’t find in the retail and restaurant industries, such as paid holidays off and consistent, early weekday schedules.

Bottom line? Working for Quantum Services as an inventory auditor means you will have a stable, dependable job through the ongoing pandemic and long-after it is over. And, you can have peace of mind knowing our family-run business has been growing steadily for 50 years. We are all about our employees’ health and safety and offer benefits and daily processes to protect our workers and their jobs.

A job that builds skills for a lifetime

Alongside the job security of our auditing positions, our inventory auditors have opportunities for skills enrichment starting day one. Auditors receive on-the-job training as they start off with the company to learn the technical skills needed to complete an accurate audit. They learn how to use our unique equipment, and how to get the job done better and more efficiently each time as they hone their skills.

After learning the ropes of in-store auditing and building assurance in their technical skills, auditors can be invited to participate in Quantum’s Audit Supervisor Development Group (ASDG) Training. During ASDG Training, auditors build lifelong career skills that can be applied immediately to enhance client service and build greater confidence. Quantum is proud to offer invaluable and transferable career skills development to those seeking both personal and professional growth, whether that is with Quantum for years to come or ultimately with another company.

Grow with us

As our inventory auditors choose to work hard and grow rather quickly to higher levels, they enjoy added benefits, perks and pay along the way. This opportunity for job advancement, coupled with the reassurance of a safe and stable position and employer, adds up to a fulfilling career that some of our employees have enjoyed for 20, 30 and even 40+ years!

If you’re seeking a new job you can count on during these unpredictable times and offers great benefits, competitive pay and opportunity for training and advancement, check out Quantum Services job openings across the country today or reach out to learn more!