It’s proving hard to find a business that’s not just surviving, but actually thriving in today’s challenging marketplace. While many industries are feeling a deep pinch due to COVID, our specialization in serving convenience stores (C-Stores) is keeping us busier than ever. We were quick to adapt and prepare our employees to work with these essential business clients. This dedication has led to new growth for Quantum Services—including career growth for our employees—across the country.

As we grow, we know we can’t get far without the diligence of our team members. We recognize they need leadership support, connection and learning opportunities to encourage, motivate and educate them as they grow alongside us. As a learning organization, we are committed to a growth mindset. And we are proud to say our efforts this year—although not always easy—have been worth it.

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Our employees cannot show up and give their best efforts at work each day unless we take care of them and help raise them to new levels. During our brief company shutdown this Spring, and then once we reopened and began to serve clients again, our priority has focused on the health and well-being of our employees and our clients. We weathered the storm well and have been able to jump in with new clients to help them recover quickly, too.

During these times, we have continued our training and development programs for our employees. It’s invaluable to them, especially right now. So far, we have held our Audit Supervisor training twice—via a new virtual format—to help develop both career and life skills, and on-the-job training continues in-store. COVID has pushed us to work differently, but with a quicker tempo and new tools like Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Learning is robust, connections are being made, and personal growth is being realized.

A life-long career

This year, we are proud to celebrate the 26th, 35th and 40th anniversaries of three of our wonderful employees! Other long-tenured team members have been with us for 10, 15 and even 20+ years. Our daytime, weekday hours and strong benefits are a draw for new employees, and our skills training and development and supportive culture prove to be lasting perks. Even though an employee might move on to a different job later, we want them to continue to learn and increase their skills while they grow with us.

Career growth

In the past three years, Quantum has expanded with new clients into over 17 new markets. And we don’t plan to slow down anytime soon! We are cautious and smart with our growth to ensure there is always meaningful work for our employees. Promotion comes from within the company whenever possible, and options to move into new or shifting markets arise often as we continue to grow. There will always be an opportunity to develop a new career with Quantum if you are ready to rise, shine and love your workday.

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