Values that guide the workday

Each day, you carry a set of values into your workplace and job that help you to make decisions. These standards and morals direct your thoughts, actions and choices. Depending on what values and ideals you choose to follow, success might come easily or never at all.

This is especially true as an employee at Quantum Services. Our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct sets forth important rules that guide our workforce. Across the country, our Inventory Auditors work independently and are tasked with managing their own workdays. We believe our values and ethics offer them direction in how to conduct business, make choices and treat others.

Ready to meet our rules? We think they make our workforce special. And, they keep us safe, especially during a worldwide pandemic. Our values and ethics ensure we have the most respected, protected, trusted and successful employees possible!

Rule #1 – Integrity First

Do the right thing, always. Never take shortcuts. Always tell the truth. Did you mess up? No big deal. Just admit the mistake, learn from it and move on. Ask questions when things get tough. Call for help and ask leadership about unclear expectations.

Rule #2 – Safeguard Our Values

Quantum Services is proud of the core values that have guided us for over 40 years. They help us to make the right decisions for the company and for our clients. Our values include:

  • Integrity
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Appreciation
  • Adaptability

Rule #3 – Never Disclose Confidential Information

Our clients trust us to complete accurate, efficient work for them. They also expect their information to remain private and confidential. Our inventory auditors respect this trust and build strong, rewarding relationships with each client.

Rule #4 – Submit Accurate Records

Each client’s audit results are recorded accurately. And, all hours worked in stores and miles traveled are noted honestly by each employee. It’s a system built on confidence in our people to be timely and precise with their records. When trust is developed, employees can gain new opportunities and advancement within Quantum.

Rule #5 – Treat People Fairly

Isn’t this true throughout life? When you treat others fairly, you will be treated fairly as well. It’s an essential element of trust! At Quantum Services, we value a diverse workforce and happily benefit from it. Discrimination or harassment of any kind is never tolerated. We strive to be the employer of choice in our growing industry.

Part of treating others fairly includes respecting their health and safety at all times. That is why our inventory auditors will be wearing masks at our client sites during the COVID outbreak and adhering to social distancing while they work. Quantum Services also has made it a priority to treat our employees fairly through the pandemic by offering a loan program, Teladoc health consultations and work-from-home options for those who cannot yet restart childcare or might be sick.

We are proud to offer our employees a valuable Code of Ethics and Business Conduct as an important guide for workdays. It not only speaks to how we do business, but how we value ourselves and our clients. If you would like to work for a company with strong ethics and values, we’re ready to welcome you! We’re seeking new inventory auditors across the country. Check out our current job openings.